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No asking another user for personal information other than their first name/age.

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This is an important rule of the site. Do NOT ask for personal information from other users other than their first name and/or their age. We want everyone on the site to be safe from stalkers/pedophiles, and identity theives. We only allow you to ask for first name and age because these two things are not very identifiable, so it's hard to look up the person on the internet if you only know their first name and their age. Other personal information includes middle name, last name, phone number, password (see the topic about hacking accounts to learn more), credit card number, or home address and/or home state. If we catch you posting to someone asking them for this personal information, you will be temporarily banned.

If somebody on this site asks you for personal information other than first name/age, send us their post/PM, and we will handle them. Also, for your own good, if they ask you for personal information, please don't give it to them no matter what.

If you have any questions, please reply to this topic.

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If you´re going to make an account, PLEASE POST SOMETHING! Seriously, we´re tired of account wasters.
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