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imtheultimate's SMG Speedruns

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1imtheultimate's SMG Speedruns Empty imtheultimate's SMG Speedruns on Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:26 pm

I searched for "super mario galaxy speedrun" on YouTube and just kept scrolling down and scrolling down until I found this awesome speedrun by the user "imtheultimate".

His Non-TAS runs are posted here.

Lava Spire Daredevil Run:
Description: It's okay, but there are some major messups in the run, and plus, he didn't do the Volcano Climb glitch/shortcut at the beginning. Very disappointing for a speedrun in my opinion compared to Non-TAS speedrunners like yoshifan28, but it was okay, like I said.

Frosty Cosmic Luigi Race:
Description: This is his best speedrun yet, in my opinion. This has no mistakes on it that I've seen. It has long jumps at the right times and everything, although I don't know if you would call this a "speedrun", because it didn't really say speedrun in the title (which it should, because this is REALLY good for Non-TAS).

Sand Spiral Galaxy:
Description: The beginning is pretty much crap, since he gets zapped by the electric bar, so this could definitely be improved, but doesn't it make you go faster with Boo Luigi if you keep spinning over and over again while you float? Anyway, it could be improved, but it isn't improved by this user yet. Maybe when I TAS, this will be the first star I make a TAS of.

Hot and Cold Collide:
Description: The beginning is crap, once again, but it does have a lot of worthy tricks on it. TASers could definitely improve this with better routes (maybe), and better ways to do the shortcuts than wrecking or stopping and going back because you failed to do the shortcut correctly or other things like that.

Breaking into the Battlerock:
Description: This is REALLY GOOD, but there were a few messy parts, though, like the Pull Star part. Also, the "waiting for the Luma" part was too long. He could have just immediately blasted and gotten the Luma like that, but this is the second best of his speedruns.

Bubble Blastoff:
Description: It was cool. It had no mistakes, except when he ran into the Fish, but some of the speedruns tricks were kind of slow.

And those are all his speedruns. I'm not criticizing them because I want to be arrogant, but I am like really, really, really good at SMG and have investigated and researched the game for about 2 years, so I know HOW to criticize people on SMG speedruns. It's good that this user knows the spin-to-get-back-up-quicker-after-you-wreck-into-a-wall trick. This is a trick I have learned in the past, but I don't know when the trick comes to good use in a TAS, because it slows you down to even wreck in the first place. Maybe you could do it while "freerunning" until something happens that is timed and you're supposed to wait for it anyway (if you know what I mean by that). Anyway, these are not my speedruns, even though I posted links to them on here, so please give credit to imtheultimate for these, okay guys?

And please remember to watch ALL THESE VIDEOS and their descriptions after them before you reply.

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