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How You Can Tell if a Level is Impossible To Do Without Spinning; Why and How Things Are Possible

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1.) You must spin to activate a Sling Star or a Launch Star. If there are no Sling Stars or Launch Stars in a level, it may be possible to complete without spinning.
2.) Dino Piranha is an impossible level, since you have to defeat Dino Piranha by spinning on his tail and it will bounce at him 3 times. Enemies where you have to spin to defeat them cannot be done Spinless, obviously.
3.) Actually, I believe I have broken a Crystal before by ground pounding on top of it. Although it gets a little glitchy, once you get back to the ground, the crystal breaks as from what I remember.
4.) Making a bob-omb blow something up is possible, although you will have to just hold it until it explodes, so you WILL hurt yourself!
5.) If a screw in the level is mandatory, you cannot do the level without spinning.
6.) Slope Climbing is possible, but it is EXTREMELY slow, and it is hard to explain, so I'll have to make a community video about it.

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