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Site's Strictest Rule: No hacking other people's accounts!

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Do NOT EVER hack someone else's account. This is the first and most important rule of the site! In other words, this is the one rule of the site that we are MOST STRICT about. If you are reported of hacking someone's account, we will make it fair and give you 1 chance to prove to us that you're not guilty. We will send you a PM, and you are required to answer it 72 hours after it is sent (we will time you, so don't try us), or it's an automatic ban. If you are honest and admit it if you actually did it and apologize, we MIGHT give you another chance. But don't count on it; it depends on who you hacked, the reason you hacked the account, and what you did while using the account. If you didn't do it, and you can prove to us that you didn't hack the account (one way is to show that you don't know the prey's password), then we will let you go, but we will be watching you very closely in case you hack someone's account AGAIN! And don't think you can lie to us and get away with it. We will figure out anyway, because even if you prove yourself not guilty to us, we will be watching you closely after that even so. In any other situation besides admit & apologize (if we accept) or proof you didn't hack, YOU WILL BE PERMANENTELY BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The following are clues to figure out if you're in a situation where your account got hacked:
-If you look through your recent posts and recent messages and see some that you didn't post yourself, and you confirm that you didn't post them, then you're account MUST have gotten hacked. But just to make sure, check the spelling, grammar, and punctuation and see if this is almost the same as your own spelling/punctuation/grammar. Also, check to see if the post is something that you might actually say yourself.
-If you see messages from people that are responding to a message you don't think you sent that is not there, the most likely thing is that someone hacked your account, sent (a) message(s) to somebody and then deleted it from your Sent box and logged out of your account maybe immediately after that.
-If you're account is deleted, make another account and ask us if we deleted it. If we say no, we speak the truth, so if we say no, your account got hacked, and the hacker meant to hack your account just to close it probably.
-If you can't log on to your account and you go to your profile as a guest, look at your recent posts, and see some posts that you haven't sent yourself, it may be likely that your account got hacked and the hacker changed the password to your account so that you couldn't log onto your account anymore and only he could. So basically if that is the case, the hacker stole your account. Likely reason is maybe you got some kind of promotion, or maybe if you're popular on YouTube or this website, he wanted to be popular so he could've cheated his way to be popular like that. People will do anything sometimes for popularity. Again, if this happens, make another account and tell us about it. We will deal with it further.

Ways to prevent being hacked:
-Make a very strong password that you can remember but no one else can figure out. (I recommend if the password is hard to remember, write it on a sticky note next to your computer or someplace you can find it)
-Don't EVER give out your password to ANYONE; not just on this website, but NOWHERE, on ANY WEBSITE AT ALL, don't EVER give out your password ANYWHERE unless it's to your parents/legal guardians and they have to ask you IN PERSON!
-An Admin of this site would NEVER ask for your password no matter WHAT. Don't let people trick you into getting hacked THAT easily.

Please tell us if you think you are in a situation where your account got hacked. Also if you know, tell us why you think your account got hacked; tell us what they posted when they hacked you (please copy and paste it word for word). If it is a member of this site who hacked you, we may be able to figure out who hacked you by checking out the grammar of the posts they made with your account, and we can look at what they did, too. The sad part is, if you got hacked, it probably wasn't a member of our site. We can't keep guests from coming to this site, so you may be tough out of luck if it wasn't a member of this site who hacked your account. If we don't find any members who are suspected of hacking your account, you may be tough out of luck. All we can say is, if you don't want to be hacked AGAIN, make a new, better password. And if a member here asks for your password, no matter who he is, even if he/she's at second top rank compared to me, please tell us, and we will send them the prove-yourself-not-guilty PM, and so on.

If you have any questions, please ask here.

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